Time for something new…

Nana just mailed her pictures-I’ll get them up soon, Kay will take hers in a couple weeks- don’t stop it is still going on.

But for those done- I give you a new project to work on. This will take awhile because Nana is going to involve Sarah and Katie too. Anyone else want to jump in (Kris, where are you?)

logo (4k image)

it’s simple, take 20 questions and answer them by taking a photograph.

the questions
one. who am i?
two. who knows me best?
three. how old am i? (or how old do i feel?)
four. the most important thing in my life is _____________
five. i always carry _____________________
six. something i always do _____________________
seven. i’m at my happiest when _____________________
eight. on a monday morning, you can find me ____________
nine. my favourite mode of transport
ten. my eyes are _____________________
eleven. my favourite material posession
twelve. to relax, i like to _____________________
thirteen. the town i live in is _____________________
fourteen. my worst habit
fifteen. my guilty pleasure
sixteen. when i look at someone, the first thing i see is _______
seventeen. i think _____________________ is beautiful
eighteen. one thing i can live without
nineteen. one thing people don’t know about me
twenty. my life is ___________________

remember! answer with a photograph, although include a short description along with your results if you need too

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