There comes a time while our parents age, that we need to accept that they are not here forever, and the older we (they) get, the more we live with them on borrowed time. Accept that soon we will have to embrace a new normal – either a life with a sick parent, or a life without them around.

Make a few more phone calls to your Mom or Dad. Spend more time with them, even if it interferes with your favorite time to marathon watch a new show. Don’t neglect yourself, just carve out a bit more time, just a bit.¬†Forgive yourself if you need to, for not being in touch more throughout the years. It’s hard to have dinners for 25 when your 80, they can’t climb ladders (they break when they fall) to power wash the house, or snow blow the steep walks. They get tired, they ache, they can be crabby, they fall asleep early. Forgive, forgive and move forward.

When we accept and act, we can move forward with a clearer head and an open heart to make the best decisions we can for the people that brought us into this lovely universe. Let’s do our very best to usher them into this last phase of their lives, with as much confidence and dignity as possible. For ourselves, and for them.


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