This weeks- What’s up…

  • Poppy heads back to New York today (pray for good traveling weather).
  • Kameron won his weekend “Midlakes Shout-Out” game- 4 games in all to take the championship. Joe, Calvin, Jason and Kam were on the floor over 3 hours and still played their best! They are now 12 and 4.
  • Snow hit Kansas City again (yesterday was our 6th snow day)- heard it was headed to upstate New York!
  • Think I heard something about Katie getting accepted at the UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO… fill us in girl!
  • Erin & David are already starting some spring cleaning- home ownership-LOVE IT!
  • Nana and Kris are helping the national deficit and shopping up the town…glad you two are having fun.
  • Delaney is about to have a room make over- take pictures.
  • What’s up with you?

Edit: Dad is home in Clyde- safe & sound!


  1. The Carroll's said:

    Bob left today for a few days down in the Carolinas playing golf with his friend Bill that just got back from Iraq.
    We are gearing up for some big months of dance competitions with Delaney.
    My work has been busy with new acquistion of ACS at Xerox and beginning of the year plans.
    Trying to have Kelsie over this weekend for some cousin bonding!
    Congrats Katie – we are so happy for you and really hope that things go your way.
    Erin- hate to say it, but I find people with tongue piercings so distracting- i can’t not look at their tongue instead of them- so I am happy to hear you are letting it go! Always fun when you get it- but as you get older everything that was cool starts to take a new perspective! Happy house cleaning- I feel like it is a continuous cycle at my house. Wait until you have kids (haha).

    February 23, 2010
  2. Erin said:

    Oh, and I broke a tooth (I think it is just the filling), and I am scheduled to go to the dentist today. No, it is not from the tongue ring although I made an executive decision and took it out this past weekend. I’m not liking the things I’m reading about what it does to your mouth, including receding gums! I figure at 31 years old, I don’t need it anyway and I’m more professional without it. The hole has already started healing after 10 years with it.

    February 23, 2010
  3. Erin said:

    Congrats Kate! You make us so proud and I cannot believe that the big day is coming! WOW!

    We have been working around the house, as La said. We started organizing the garage, which is still a mess, and we dug up the side garden along our fence and planted three blueberry bushes. We also planted 5 goji berry plants. We are supposed to have lot lots of rain and possibly snow by EOW, so the other gardening may have to wait. I want to get in a crop of cooler weather veggies, like beets, lettuce, spinach, kale, and collards.

    February 23, 2010
  4. Kate said:

    I did get accepted to UB!! I am so happy.. and I am about 85% sure that’s where I’ll be going next year and I actually already have some roomates so I’m very excited about it =)

    February 23, 2010

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