Hey all, thought I’d share an interesting website with you all. With all this talk of Atkins diets lately in the news (I saw it on dateline and brad posted an article on the culver blog about it too), I was looking for a site with recipes. I found one that has a few, but it also has a carb counter, links, and book recomendations.

But can anyone tell me what Splenda is? Many of these recipes call for it.

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  1. La said:

    Splenda is a sugar substitute- it’s in yellow packets in your store.

    Look into the Zone vs Atkins. It balances low-fat protein and certain carbs like veggies all to control your insulin and sugar (given the current health of several family members (I included) we should do this. I also went and started on fish oil today- helps lower triglycerides (mine are too high- way to high!)I noticed Pam on the Culver site lost 70+ on chicken, fish and almonds- this is exactly what my doctor recommends- I’m working on it and lost 10 pounds in two months. It was a whole lot more fun going on….

    July 31, 2002

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