They say it can’t happen…

Well last night Linda and I went to the 40th birthday party of our friend {{popup 40th.gif 40th 450×300}}Gary. He loves yellow roses and his partner did a display of 40 long stems roses. He also bought him a ring with diamonds which was beautiful. It was a wonderful mix of {{popup straight.gif straight 450×375}}straight (this is Gary’s boss who owns the hair salon and her husband), {{popup gay.gif gay 450×299}}gay (one of these woman belong to the Tobler family which is one of the largest flower business in Missouri), and {{popup transgender.gif transgender 450×393}}transgender (this is Carol- she was in the military, worked for the city and when she retired changed into a woman, claims she spent her money wisely), all partying and getting along just fine. There was a wonderful drag queen performance. Let me tell you- these “ladies” know more about nails, paste on boobs, eyelashes than I do! I guess that is why they are … {{popup 3ladies.gif 3ladies 450×359}}drag queens (and some have much better figures- that is shameful!). This next picture is Gary and his partner Jerry (aka Vodka Collins), the owner of the bar and {{popup onyx.gif onyx 450×299}}Onyx. Here are some pictures of the “ladies” performing on stage- they lip sync ( Pasty Cline to “I will Survive”) and receive tips (large tips). Here is {{popup perform2.gif perform2 223×450}}Onyx, {{popup perform.gif perform 299×450}}Kelly, and our best buddy {{popup perform3.gif perform3 450×496}}Vodka!I took 193 pictures, got to bed too late and inhaled too much smoke (all second hand). Some people today are going to have horrible hang overs (thank God for water and coke). So here is the {{popup us4.gif us4 450×184}}four of us celebrating Gary’s 40th birthday! Isn’t my life {{popup colorful.gif colorful 326×450}}colorful!


  1. Erin said:

    Nice pics! Looks like everyone had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing!

    June 8, 2004
  2. La said:

    No…that is what we drank- Linda had water and I had diet coke- no alcohol…I believe you can have fun without the alcohol and feel so much better the next day! That is my kind of partying- to feel good…

    June 7, 2004
  3. hot mama said:

    Looks like a fun time, but my hairdresser would have beat them all in his prime.

    June 7, 2004
  4. beth said:

    Looks like you had a great time! I hear the water and coke… it does help.

    June 6, 2004

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