The Witch and Warlock Ball…

wildwitch (214k image)
“Halloween is huge in my house and we really get into the “spirits” of things.”

Looks like fun was had by all!


  1. Erin said:

    We did have a ball and I still don’t have all the pictures up. Flickr doesn’t always work so well… we took over 500 photos!!! We had a ball! My favorite was when Kelsie looked at my nose and said, "Why don’t you take off that pickle." Too funny! Kelly, we really missed you and the girls and wished you could have made it. Maybe next year!

    October 27, 2008
  2. La said:

    Looks like fun- wish there was a way to make it home but $300.00 for a party is a little steep! Thanks for the pictures.

    October 27, 2008
  3. disanto said:

    Looks pretty goulish to me. Sorry we couldn’t be there. Kate did good in her Goblin Games down in Ithaca. Lost their first, won the second, tied the third and won in overtime, and lost the fourth by 1. She played good. It was fun….a little cold to start but ended up nice. At least no rain like Saturday.

    October 27, 2008

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