The Kim Farley Touch…

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“A designer knows she has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Here are some pictures of the small touches Kim put in my house. She started by moving my Indian print into the living room and placing the fern in the hall wall. We worked around those colors.
{{popup bird-bath.gif bird-bath 500×332}}Bird bath on coffee table. Added the dish to the table which brought in the color blue.
{{popup book-case.gif book-case 332×500}}Bookcase. Rearrainged pictures (different angles, added vase and plant).
{{popup den.gif den 500×332}}Den. Moved colorful frames to den which will be more wimsy.
{{popup dining-room.gif dining-room 332×500}}Dining room. Added 3 colored pots and plants on the table- rearrained hutch.
{{popup hearth-picture.gif hearth-picture 500×392}}Hearth picture. Put a new picture on the hearth. Placed candles (Kay got me) on each side.
{{popup Isabell-Blooms.gif Isabell-Blooms 500×332}}Isabell Blooms. Gathered all my statues and put them together.
{{popup picture-frame.gif picture-frame 500×292}}Picture frame.Kim got me this frame which is next to my bed.
{{popup tv-stand.gif tv-stand 500×332}}TV stand. Put vases on top (hide speakers) and moved glass to middle.
{{popup vase.gif vase 500×332}}Vase. Added the vase to the table and the colored bamboo.
The color flows wonderfully, blank spaces are filled and it still remains “Zen like” as Kim would say. I have more ideas in many areas but have to wait on the budget (damn!). I am so excited about all the changes (so is Linda). Thanks a million Kim!

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  1. Erin said:

    That Kim-Farley is pretty amazing, isn’t she? I love you mom! Great job to you and to Lala and Linda on the decorating! You guys are awesome!

    June 23, 2005

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