The junk collector…

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Yes, they are nice to have but they also collect junk…lots of junk. Yesterday, Linda and I worked all day in the barn, we finished the day with 1 full pick up truck of throw away, 1/2 truck of paper we took to the recycle bin and are ready to bring JoAnn a truck load of her stuff. We can now walk in the barn. We still have to go through all the bins on the shelves and reduce but this feels good too. I also have two bags in my house that we are shredding…yuck, slow and tedious.

We got the hot tub back up- Linda needs it for her back. Weekends go fast.

Today I must grade 18 quizzes, write a new quiz and a midterm and prep two lessons. I have a 3:30 therapy appointment with a family and still have 1 1/2 bags of shredding to do.

Too wet to work outside because it poured here yesterday (at least we are still here, did not blow away and our house is not flooded- Parkville is, river crested last night). I need to mow the lawn again (mowed it Friday) and I’m sure there are lots of weeds. Gardens need to be hoed and tomatoes need to be tied up but right now you sink in the mud so hopefully it will dry soon.

Friday is garage day- all the stuff in the garage will move to…the barn…we will paint the walls, stain the steps and ORGANIZE. All the junk will go. We are getting rid of paints and caustic cleaners this year. We have switched to earth friendly. Smells better and better for you.

Wish many of you were here- great finds I’d love to give away…books, games, toys, stuff many of you might like that is in great shape but no longer needed at 7320 NW Shelter Rd. Too expensive to ship and too expensive to drive so it goes to Goodwill and comes off the taxes.

Well- I have procrastinated long enough…off to work!


  1. Erin said:

    I wish I could go, but I think I have enough dishes and glassware. What is it with us women and our decorative plates and such? I have a set for Thanksgiving/Fall, 2 sets for Christmas, regular everyday ones, a set of anytime fancy ones, and I even have a set for Halloween! That’s crazy, but I love them all too much to get rid of them… lol! Have fun ladies! And mom, you be good because you certainly do not need anymore plates in the dish room over at that house!

    June 11, 2008
  2. beth said:

    Sell it on Craigs list, you can sell things really easy on there. I found a great steal on a TV.

    Yea, that Kimmer is a deal finder! Wish I could go with you!

    June 10, 2008
  3. hot mama said:

    If you lived closer it would not be a problem to get rid of things! Hint. Kim and I had a great day yesterday, went to Syracuse China outlet and got glasses for the restaurant. He had a budget of $1200.00 and we got most of it for $199.00. Darn, we are good. Should have seen Kim go thru all the stuff there. She is like a bull dog!!! Had a good time except that it was in a tent and it was in the 90’s. God was it hot. She even bled for the cause. Ken owes us BIG. Going back Friday. Anyone want to go with us? Mom

    June 10, 2008

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