Well they are here and things are gearing up (actually in slow motion right now but it’ll be kickin’ up here at the DiSanto house after the 16th)! Icannot tell you how anxious I am (we are) to see everybody home for the holidays. Although it will be quite busy, that’s what makes it fun. I must admit though that I’m quite displeased with ya’ll that haven’t put anything on this page in quite sometime! You’d think you were busy or something c’mon you people, PRO-JECT! Kam just brought home a 10 week perfect attendance award, and got a 100+ on his spelling test today,he was very proud. For all of you “out- of-towners we have snow so bundle up. oh yeah i heard the carolina’s got a “little” ice.HA!HA! TALK LATER…SUSIE


  1. Kim said:

    Kam… way to go…
    "high five!!"

    December 7, 2002
  2. La said:

    Kameron- I bet you feel great! First it is so nice to be a good speller- La can’t spell well at all and to make it to school everyday- if all kids were like you- I wouldn’t have a job- keep up the good work.
    Love ya

    December 6, 2002

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