The decorating continues…

shelveslivingrm (160k image)

Here are the new shelves in the living room- still need pictures in the frames. The walls don’t look so bare (only took 5 years).
We moved the small table from the kitchen to the {{popup leaf-entrance.gif leaf-entrance 600×400}}living room and added the lamp (had it upstairs). We then took the {{popup bjtable.gif bjtable 336×600}}table that was Uncle Bernards and placed it in the kitchen. Jerry thinks we need to leave it- I think it needs to be refinished? Either way I laugh when I see it and think of him.

I placed back my stained glass lamp and added the {{popup lamp&vases.gif lamp&vases 353×600}}vases to this hutch. I think it adds color and puts the light back.

You know I hate {{popup hutchvases.gif hutchvases 600×599}}hutches but we added the cicle candles (paid $3.00) and then got two sets of vases for each side. I just know I don’t like dishes and the dishes I do like are WAY too expensive.

Then we moved to {{popup lindaroom.gif lindaroom 550×301}}Linda’s room. We put the pillows on the bed (Linda thinks they are too small) and added the shelves. Here is a {{popup shelveslinda.gif shelveslinda 600×543}}close up of her shelves (again not finished). We want to do our own photos and it is too hot to go outside. We will be adding a shelf above the bed with some bottles/sconces or something after we consult with Kim!

Last we added to the {{popup den1.gif den1 470×600}}den. I finally got the squares on sale at Hobby Lobby for above the desk. I added a {{popup den2.gif den2 600×344}}black shelf to put my funky picture frames. Then I moved the vase with the straw and the {{popup den3.gif den3 600×430}}imagine sign to the den. Here is a {{popup den4.gif den4 600×379}}full shot of the den. We need to “fine tune” and finish the pictures but time and money are running out. Not bad for the last months project and a boost from Kim.


  1. Erin said:

    I think it looks great! I cannot wait until I move and can start the decorating process all over! It’ll be fun, but overwhelming.

    July 25, 2005
  2. La said:

    Have to work inside- outside you melt!
    I keep changing little things around- one day it will all feel right.

    July 24, 2005

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