The brick oven…

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Once the {{popup step.jpg step 500×333}}STOETZEL’s restaurant and {{popup label.jpg label 500×333}}bakery (1886-87), the brick {{popup oven.jpg oven 500×333}}oven has been restored and is the reason behind the name. Poppy is redoing the {{popup frontface.jpg frontface 500×333}}building, keeping the historic qualities like the {{popup tintile.jpg tintile 500×333}}tin tile ceiling, the {{popup walldesign.jpg walldesign 500×333}}wall design, the {{popup bar.jpg bar 500×333}}bar, the old {{popup oldfridg.jpg oldfridg 333×500}}cold storage, right down to the door {{popup knob.jpg knob 333×500}}knobs. As the {{popup wallsglass.jpg wallsglass 500×333}}walls and {{popup floors.jpg floors 333×500}}floors and {{popup doors.jpg doors 500×333}}doors get worked on, we can’t wait to see {{popup Poppys.jpg Poppys 500×333}}Poppy’s Place open so we can {{popup cheers.jpg cheers 500×333}}toast the wonderful occasion!

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  1. hot mama said:

    The pictures are great. It is fun to watch the progress. It won’t be long now.Pray that we find a good cook and that the liquer license goes thru quickly. Mom

    July 4, 2008

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