The boy can play…

kamball9 (202k image)
“A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.”

Well Sunday Kam’s team beat Newark so they played last night but lost. It is double elimination so they will play again tomorrow. He is currently playing in the “All-Stars” and has hit well, pitched well and played great! Thanks Kay for sending the pictures so we can all enjoy seeing him play ball! Good luck Kameron!
Edited:Kameron’s team won-6 to 0. He pitched the first 3 innings and did fantastic. Congratulations!


  1. Sue said:

    It really was a great tournament! And they did so well. Next tourney starts Tuesday night. Thanks Kay for all of the great pics.

    July 2, 2008
  2. Kay said:

    Kam- sorry we missed your game last night. Good luck tonight- play your best. We will be there in spirit cheering you on. So glad we got to see you play twice this weekend. Sure wish we were closer so we could come all the time! Go get’em and I sure hope your team wins tonight!

    July 1, 2008
  3. Erin said:

    Way to go Kammy! I wish I could see some of your games because you are THE MAN! Keep up the awesome hitting and fielding! Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera don’t have anything on you… I think you could be the next Yankee! If so, you better invite your cousin to some games! You make me proud buddy!

    July 1, 2008
  4. hot mama said:

    They just wanted us to go to another ball game. I think tonight they will pull out a win. They are a good team. It is fun to watch them even tho I get so darn nervous. Go Kam!!! Your biggest fan, Nana

    July 1, 2008

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