I wanted to write a post to thank Kenny and Sue for the wonderful Thanksgiving we shared at their house. We missed all that were not able to be there… Erin, Karen and Linda, Nick, Kris, D and Matty, Kay, Bob and Miss DeLaney, and Kevin. We did enjoy meeting Kelly’s soon to be husband, Karl, and note that he fits into the crew quite well! Welcome to Karl!

We have snow this year, but time will tell if it stays. Personally I hope it melts and we have 90 degree weather! ~grins like a grinch or Kimberneezer!!~ (By the way Kev, I am working to deck the halls!!!)

Everyone out there done with xmas presents? Just curious….

C man got three deer this year. A buck and two doe. The horns on the male deer do not come close to “Uncle Buck.”

I am counting down the days till we see all of you and also for Miss DeLaney’s arrival.
(Her nursery is adorable.)

Everyone have Happy pre-holidays and travel with safety.

All our love..
Kim and Clark

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