For those of you who are attending Thanksgiving in this area, is anyone interested in rounding up the kiddies and going ice skating?? Or maybe seeing a movie as a family? Just thought it might be fun to do a group outing.


  1. Kay said:

    We are going to see the Polar Express today with Delaney. We have to go during the day when there are less people so because she is still little. But in another year or two- watch out. We are all about going to the movies- great idea- I think the Clydettes should definately try to do it!!

    November 24, 2004
  2. Erin said:

    Wish I could… I’m dying to see Chistmas with the Kranks. I read the book and it was pretty good… I bet the movie will be better though.

    November 24, 2004
  3. Kim said:

    I am all for seeing Christmas with the Kranks (did i spell that right?)

    November 23, 2004
  4. La said:

    In Kansas City- we always do a movie- I know Kevin Michael likes it- it sounds fun.

    November 23, 2004

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