Well, I thought that I would check out all the excitment. I actually liked that I can see what everyone has been up to, even when I can’t find time to pick up the phone. Bob and I have been busy lately. We played in a charity golf tournament with Kenny last weekend (I think I kicked both their butts, so Kevin your next!!) I’m having lunch with Mother today. That’s one of the wonderful perks of living back in NY!! We have been busy doing baby preparations. We have signed up for daycares (yes, 7 months in advance!!) We have also registered for shower gifts, signed up for birthing classes, and gathering information for the Baptism. We are considering having it the weekend after Christmas (Sunday, December 29th). For anyone travelling home, please let us know if this is something you would like to attend, that will help us to make the decision. If not, then we will probably go with the 3rd weekend in January. For all of you who know about my quest for a rocking chair for Delaney’s room… We have made progress. The company that I have been working with has gone out of their way to accommodate me and we are getting close to a fabric and a color. I loved to get people to do it my way!! Since I am getting close to the end, I guess I better wrap things up. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Birthday Linda!! We miss everyone and Buffy sends lots of smootches. Maybe next time I’ll take a picture of my stomach so you can see how big it’s getting!! Love, BKBD

Oh, I didn’t realize that I got more space. Should I keep going?? No, I need to get my work done. Later.


  1. beth said:

    well, I don’t know where I’ll be then… I’ll be getting a job (hopefully) in November, so I might be out of State, who knows!! But I know I’ll be home for christmas time!

    August 5, 2002
  2. Erin said:

    If you decide to do the weekend after Christmas, I may be able to attend. I should be home that whole week, and I’ll just have to plan to take a late flight home Sunday. Anything after that will probably be a no go for me.

    August 2, 2002

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