So, from time to time there are some little tips and tricks our there that I come across to help in photo taking. I always pay attention because I want to get better. If you are like me, you may want to check out this article on Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

Do your snow day photos turn out dingy and dark? Try these easy tips from photography expert, Candice Stringham to get bright, brilliant snow photos every time! Read this article online.

You wake up to view of beautiful white snowcapped trees outside of your window, icicles hang from the roof and the world looks like a winter wonderland. It seems like the perfect time to get out and get some beautiful photos of your children sledding, making snow angels, and building snowmen. It is the perfect opportunity, until you get the photos back looking grey and dreary. The snow never really looks white and the colors the people are wearing in the photos seem dingy. Ever had that problem? Well here is the way to get snow photos with brilliant white snow and glowy faces all in one photo.

The real problem with snow is that there is so much white. The way that your camera meters for a photograph is that it measures the brightness overall and makes it middle grey. So when there is a lot of white in the shot, your camera ends up underexposing the image, making the snow grey and the people in the photo even darker.

Try these easy steps to get brilliant photos in the snow.

1. Meter your camera up close on something middle grey. (by meter I simply mean press your shutter button half way down so you can see the number settings you camera wants you to use) If there is a person in the photograph step up close and meter on their face. If you are just taking a nature photograph then meter on your own hand or something middle grey. A rock perhaps. Something of that tonality.

2. Then set your camera on manual and set the exposure for what the camera told you when you metered. Don

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