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Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Phyllis had a birthday on Thanksgiving (November 25) she is 87- even though late-send her a card…

34 Burrell Street, Clyde, NY 14433

First Turkey Day… so cute!

The family get together- good to see Sarah!

Little helper- Matthew had to do dishes- got wet- found a solution!

Culvers finally got to see the Van Gogh exhibit. They all celebrated at Beth’s house…

Anniversary Family News


Family News

One year and what a gift they have now!



Left home on June 23… first stop, FRANK’S Pizza. Great pizza but not the same without Papa. Just saying…

Made it to Clyde in 20 Hours. After pizza got delivered went to Kelly’s house for several days-birthday brunch with Kim and family, Dinner at the Boat Yard Grill, baby shower, visit with Nina, lunch at O’Malley’s, long talks with sister Kelly and trip to Taughannock Falls.¬† Great start to the trip!

Next back to Clyde…went to a basketball game with Kelsie & Sue, visited Pies Guys Pizzeria and got a tutorial on pizza making with Kam & Em, had a picnic with my brother Kenny for his birthday, went to Wolffy’s Marina for lunch with Kelsie and Nana, went swimming at Poppy’s pool with Silvie, dinner with the family at Wayne Hills Country Club and finally, Delaney’s graduation party.

Left Clyde on July 12 with Kim in tow for a visit in Kansas City, made it home in 17 hours! She left today and we are having the roof fixed and some electrical work done in the attic. I will sleep in my own bed for the first time in 28 days.

To all those who took me out to eat-Big Thank You-it was so fun. For all those who ate with me- thanks-it was fun. This was just what you needed to fill your heart after COVID kept us apart for so long. Can’t wait till October!

Family Events


Katies Baby Shower…JUNE 27, 2021, 1:00 PM at Kelly’s House¬†

Delaney’s Graduation Party… JULY 10, 2021, 3:00 PM at the Carroll House.

Family Events

Coming August 3, 2021, our newest little girl…congratulations!

Family News


Finally got to say..”I do!”

Family Events



Happy 28th birthday Katie!



For more information about venue and accommodations- The Knot

Family Events