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Shower for Nick (& Nina)

October 11, 2015

2:00 p.m.

Nana’s House

Bring an hors d’oeuvre

More ideas to follow (waiting on ideas from Nick & Kelly)

Family News

mdMom & Dad are in New Hampshire visiting a fraternity brother of dad’s. They return home Friday Thursday.¬†Laney has her first performance of “Snoopy”.

giftKelsey got here get-well package from Lala-her response “OMG, I’m spoiled rotten!” Plus a big Thank You!

harleyHarley was in the hospital- high fever and seizures. He had blood work, chest x-ray, ct scan and everything came back normal. They spoke with neurologist at Strong whom he has to follow up with. There is a small percentage of kids that will have seizures at the on- set of a temperature so they aren’t sure as he was 102 when he had the seizures. They have no idea. He is still throwing up and a low temp now so they are thinking a bug of some kind. Prayers welcome…

kenKenny goes to his doctor on Thursday, July 23- we are hoping for some good news here or a change in meds – lots of prayers (this has been going on a long time).

smilesSunshine from Silvie…

Family News

Life is better by the pool!



dad2 dad1

Happy Father’s dad to all our dad’s… we love you all!


Yesterday was the DiSanto reunion at Seneca Lake. Kelly, Nick, Harley and Nana & Poppy went. Here are a few shots. Harley is getting so big.


Family News


Just spending time together…







Nick is going to be a daddy, Kelly a grandmother and Nana & Poppy Great Grandparents!

WOW- Congratulations…we are all so very excited for you.

Picture from Kelly’s Mother’s day with her son and daughter- heard it was a great day!



Congratulations to Nick Bailey for completing his IBEW Apprenticeship!!

Family News