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Love is in the air…


Silvie is sweet and cute as ever… (I think I see some hair!)


Mom & Dad left this morning and arrived safely in Matthews, N.C. They will be there a few days and then headed for their winter retreat at the condo!


Kris is having her surgery tomorrow- Prayers are always nice (as well as a card, might not be able to talk much). Mom & Dad are there to help with recovery.

Surgery went well- got to go home the same day. Half the thyroid and two nodules removed, biopsied and all is well. Today a little sore and swollen but being well taken care of.


Linda went back to the doctor Friday- it’s official- she is done working! We may be poor but we are happy!


One our walks we take pictures- caught this one just right…

What’s up with you?

Family News


Kelsey went to homecoming…beautiful!


Kay turned into a smurf…


Farley did it again- wonderful!


Nick’s Shower was a success!


Mattie and Kris decide to go to Paint with a Twist and the highlight of their night was buying a half dozen gourmet cupcakes !!!


Silvie played on the swing, wheeeeee…


I heard Kameron was out all day trying to get a deer- he should have been here- they were in my backyard!


To everyone out there sick…I feel your pain

Wash your hands often, stay hydrated and get lots of sleep (you might even need a croup tent)!

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Happy Birthday Mom! Hope your 79th is wonderful!happy_79th_birthday_grand_mother_great_aunt_mom_card-rb264b90dadf344efbb618b40910d37e3_xvuak_8byvr_512Just think of all the important things she has told us over all these years- we are so lucky!


I made a little book for Silvie…





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Thanks to everyone that came to watch Delaney’s Musical. She did great and she loved having all there to share it with her! Here are some pictures with family and cast members. There is also one with Mr. Cortese. What a fun night!! Delaney did AWESOME and it was so fun to see her doing what she loves!

Family News

mdMom & Dad are in New Hampshire visiting a fraternity brother of dad’s. They return home Friday Thursday. Laney has her first performance of “Snoopy”.

giftKelsey got here get-well package from Lala-her response “OMG, I’m spoiled rotten!” Plus a big Thank You!

harleyHarley was in the hospital- high fever and seizures. He had blood work, chest x-ray, ct scan and everything came back normal. They spoke with neurologist at Strong whom he has to follow up with. There is a small percentage of kids that will have seizures at the on- set of a temperature so they aren’t sure as he was 102 when he had the seizures. They have no idea. He is still throwing up and a low temp now so they are thinking a bug of some kind. Prayers welcome…

kenKenny goes to his doctor on Thursday, July 23- we are hoping for some good news here or a change in meds – lots of prayers (this has been going on a long time).

smilesSunshine from Silvie…

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Yesterday was the DiSanto reunion at Seneca Lake. Kelly, Nick, Harley and Nana & Poppy went. Here are a few shots. Harley is getting so big.


Family News


After a long day, many prayers (and a few cuss words) Nana is home resting comfortably.


We need our Nana home!!!

There were lots of prayers last night for sure…thanks Kelly for being at the hospital this morning, thanks Kim for cooking mom and dad dinner, thanks Kelsie for cutting up the strawberries for dessert, thanks everyone for your calls and prayers!

Silvie’s message to Nana

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Thank you so much for the wonderful picnic on Sunday. It was great to see the family and the food was incredible. I enjoyed my trip home and had so much fun with everyone.

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“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”

Family Events

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Kam played in an AAU tournament last weekend- won 3, lost 1



They won there pool- Central Western Red


Then lost in the last 3 (don’t know who one- haven’t updated the site. If it wasn’t Kam- who cares!


Mom and dad left today for Myrtle Beach…


They will be joined by Kris


And Kevin and Kristy


Kate is back from Arizona and back at school- hope your trip was great!

wantedKaren and Linda are getting a new car…Subaru Outback (Sweet)



More like a car, better gas mileage, AWD- we get it Saturday (had to come from St. Louis.) Check out some of Subaru’s cool features.

What’s up with you?

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