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Love is in the air…


Silvie is sweet and cute as ever… (I think I see some hair!)


Mom & Dad left this morning and arrived safely in Matthews, N.C. They will be there a few days and then headed for their winter retreat at the condo!


Kris is having her surgery tomorrow- Prayers are always nice (as well as a card, might not be able to talk much). Mom & Dad are there to help with recovery.

Surgery went well- got to go home the same day. Half the thyroid and two nodules removed, biopsied and all is well. Today a little sore and swollen but being well taken care of.


Linda went back to the doctor Friday- it’s official- she is done working! We may be poor but we are happy!


One our walks we take pictures- caught this one just right…

What’s up with you?

Family News


Carolina advanced to a Super Bowl 50 date with the Broncos thanks to a 49-15 win over the Cardinals, in an NFC Championship Game that hardly looked like a game between the league’s top two scoring offenses. Other than that late-season speed bump against the Falcons, nothing has stopped the Panthers momentum this season. And now only Peyton Manning and the Broncos defense stands in their way now.


We were there!


Sorry for late posts- the web page (through Go Daddy) was down today. Linda had to work and I ate with Ed & Jan.No pictures.


Thanksgiving at the Scutella’s


Thanksgiving at the DiSanto/Gordan’s- Turkey Trot Run and then ate Turkey…


I went to the dentist and school training- not so much!


Scutella’s are in Hollywood.



DiSanto’s were surfing in Florida this morning and just goofing off this afternoon.

What are you up to?

Family News

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Culver’s are at Lake George…

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Rob is sick and Kelly is floating in her pool in Ithaca…

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Kris, Karen, Delaney and the Clyde DiSanto’s had a great meal at Nana’s

IMG_0619 (640x640)

Darian and Matt are with Matt’s family in Indiana…

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Kay and Bob are in North Chili, Mattie in Matthews, Linda at The Missouri River with her brother…where are you?

Matty was at the Lake…a storm moved in quickly and she had to be rescued by the fire department! Scary but safe…she made the news!