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Linda went to the doctor today- she has a perennial tear- 4 weeks in a boot (50/50 chance of healing). If not- surgery. She did this doing physical therapy in a pool!

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trip9Left Friday evening to go back to Lloyd’s place on the river. Saturday was beautiful- we went on an ATV ride, saw a crop duster and beautiful sunset.9picsTook a hike and shoot some new pictures…waterRelaxing and just what we needed!


Our first trip of the season…cut short by RAIN! Left Friday when Linda got off work, came home Sunday afternoon just beating the storm. Saturday was very hot- Heat index of 103. This was the first time we went camping and no one else was at the river (brother came just for a couple hours). We got to do all our own cooking, no internet or comforts of the cabin (everything moved out because it flooded) so everything was done in our RV!


We went on a hike (our goal for every trip this year)- took some pictures.


Some things never change- Bear always has to pee once we get on the road so we stop to accommodate and we seem to always stop at DQ.

This trip we did have a new friend- Baxter came along- he had a lot of fun and fit right in.