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beachSeafood boil for dinner-Yummy! Bear running free on the beach- he loved it!



Broke toe- maybe foot- pretty colors!


Trip to the River


1 point color





Beautiful weather so we hit the road to the river. Kris…we finally made S’more’s!

cuClean-up…Purple Martins are back, there are new neighbors (with kids & dog), the garden is in and growing, new dog (BeBe),

Brutis lost 23 pounds and much clean up on the banks.



Love is in the air…


Silvie is sweet and cute as ever… (I think I see some hair!)


Mom & Dad left this morning and arrived safely in Matthews, N.C. They will be there a few days and then headed for their winter retreat at the condo!


Kris is having her surgery tomorrow- Prayers are always nice (as well as a card, might not be able to talk much). Mom & Dad are there to help with recovery.

Surgery went well- got to go home the same day. Half the thyroid and two nodules removed, biopsied and all is well. Today a little sore and swollen but being well taken care of.


Linda went back to the doctor Friday- it’s official- she is done working! We may be poor but we are happy!


One our walks we take pictures- caught this one just right…

What’s up with you?

Family News


Linda went to her doctor on Friday (weekly checks) and he informed her he would not release her to go back to work-ever! Her job is too demanding for her leg to be ok and she needed to reconsider her future. She filed for disability (upon doctors request). Takes 4-6 months- we need to find health care and watch the budget till she gets approved (only 1 paycheck). This will take some getting use to for her but I think it is great!

Family News Health


Ready for the hospital…tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 9:00 and her surgery is at 11:30. Doctors debating on how to put her under (nerve block or intubation). Short surgery, block means over night stay but she did well the last time with it…wait and see she may choose to come home. Bear will stay with Ed & Jan and I will stay if she does. She should be home Wednesday. I will call mom with and update. PRAYERS, please!

Update: Didn’t go in till 1:00 p.m. but we were home by 6:00 p.m. Successful surgery- knee appliance is ok (not loose, breaking a part) lots of fluid on the knee which causes pain- drained, all around the cavity is cleaned and they did a Zplaste- lengthen some muscle inside the knee. They cut the muscle so this is what is causing her pain. They have her on two different drugs. Last time she had a  Nerve Block so came home with no pain, this time they did general anesthesia – allowed her to come home the same day buy lots more pain. We have made lots of good food and plan to watch many Christmas movies!


Bear taken care of his Mama 2

Family News Health



Birthday dinner at Cascade’s (Linda had to work so we brought dinner to her at the hospital), second night dinner at home, Plaza lights and lights at the National plus my birthday gifts.


Home made dinner- homemade pasta- little fail- clogged machine so used some pasta from Italy- 3 pasta & 3 sauces.


Mimosa’s, Poinsettia, fruit roll ups, making pasta…Yum Yum!


Trying the homemade noodles!



This was definitely a weekend to cheer about!~



So much fun, more later on…tired and going to bed.

Family News


Linda will have her surgery on December 15 24 (it was this date or Dec. 24- hospital said they were too busy on the 15th- assholes!). The will be replacing the knee replacement which went bad. Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas!!!


Packages are mailed: Sent to Beth for the Culver’s, Kevin’s House, Kris’s House, Kay’s House and Mom & Dad (they will bring the Bailey/DiSanto and have DiSanto Jr. House). This packages include Delaney’s Birthday and Kameron’s Birthday. Kay I heard from an elf there is an orange package coming your way!


Finished our tree and house decorations- now just a few more gifts I’m working on (will be sent separate).


Silvie says HELLO!

Family News


Linda has been going through tests on her knee that was replaced (a lot of pain lately). Doctors told her 1 of 4 things- all require surgery…

  1. Infection (don’t think this is it due to some nuclear medicine tests)
  2. Device is loose causing pieces of bone to break off and cause inflamation
  3. The device is defective- this is what they are leaning toward- will need to be taken out and replaced
  4. Her body is rejecting the knee- allergic to device

So she goes back agin next week and they will determine how to treat it or when to operate- this means another 6-12 weeks off work (means no Spring Break or Summer trip to New York) also she will lose pay so budget will be tight.

Next week she also works Thanksgiving so… with an upcoming unknown future, we decided to decorate for Christmas (Darian helped give me the itch) and tomorrow we are having our Thanksgiving. We will decorate the tree to the smell of turkey!

12So- please say a prayer for Linda- (this is a painful process) for strength and a quick recovery. We still have a few things to finish in the decorating but will finish tomorrow. We are having a healthy meal of turkey, dressing and some vegetables. Over Thanksgiving I will bake cookies for the veterans. This week I hope to finish up the wrapping and mailing of packages. Let the holidays begin!

Family News


Ok this is Phillippo our waiter from Florence he was studying civil engineering at Duke University and will be finishing degree at university of Florence here in Italy He loves the states and is 25 years old He thinks Darian Scutella is pretty cute hmmmm… Italian an engineer giving your mother wine and ravioli I think it is a match made in heaven!! For those who don’t know- Kris and Bev are in Italy!


Linda and I went to the river- here is trip #12. There were trees being cut down- it was quite entertaining. Bear really enjoyed rolling in the sawdust. Worst part of the trip- my crown feel off- I was just at the dentist last week for a cleaning-I’m blaming it on them.


Here is the tree falling…it shock the ground…


Here are the pictures from this trip…


And I know I have to catch up on Silvie…she is learning to wave bye-bye, still chasing Clyde, at the farm with Ella & her aunts…she is growing big!


It’s Sunday…football time!


Retired the 8 car of the Wheeler Racing team tonight with a win!!

culversThe Culver’s trip pic…

What’s up with you?

Camping Photos

Today we got outfits…


We had friends/neighbors offer to sing live at the wedding…they just got married Aug 13 and are the ones who helped us get a minister


We ordered a cake topper…


We changed the menu and added antipasto…that changes everything!