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funNew things-first time at StoryTime at the library and first time at the supermarket with mom…also got to see Kelsie and Kris and the rest of the family!



I’m standing, feeding myself and my daddy is home…it is a good day!






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Mommy and I are having fun while daddy is in Ohio…


I made a little book for Silvie…






(Pictured) DORY. ©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.





She rocked it! 16 pounds 14 oz (58%) and 25.5″ tall (22%). I’m still a shorty!



Mattie bought the Fitspiration Journal for Kris for her birthday (available at Target). Lala thought it was cool and she got one, so did Darian. Kris gave one to Kenny to help him build strength and Karen showed Kay who picked one up. Why is it cool?

  • Starts with a gratitude journal- people who are grateful are happier!
  • Has a place for goals- have to know where you want to go to get there!
  • Has places to track what you are doing or other health info.
  • Has tips for food and exercise every day.
  • Has a motivational quote.
  • Has a place to track you stuff (workouts, recipes).

Why is this important…

“Habits are highly ingrained behaviors. They are almost automatic. Changing one habit is hard enough. Trying to change more than one at a time is often a recipe for disaster. So, despite the occasional example to the contrary, my advice is to focus on one habit at a time.”

Here’s the only problem: In the world of fitness, we still haven’t caught on. So when people decide they want to get into shape, they feel as if they have to do everything at once. Join the gym, check. Buy some new running shoes, check. Set the alarm for 4:30am, check. Cut out all the junk food, check. Eat more broccoli, check.

They mentally prepare themselves for an all-out assault on fitness and, after a few short days or weeks… splat!

Maybe this is why so many people who lose weight put it all back on. Instead of making fitness and weight loss a long-term, sustainable practice, they made it a short-term, inconvenient project.

Habit based coaching starts with a simple daily practice.

Based on your starting point, that practice might be to go for a 15-minute walk every day. It might be to take fish oil and a multivitamin each day. It might be to start the day with breakfast. (Of course, these practices can be scaled up or down).

Then, every two weeks, once the previous practice has become a habit, you can add another one. Each habit builds on the last until 6 or 12 months later, you’ve been transformed.

A journal helps you plan, check and see what is working and what is not, shows you your improvement, gives you a great place to stay organized (I put recipes and workouts in mine).

You don’t have to buy one (though this one is cool) you can use an app on your phone, use a plain notebook, download ones off the internet- the important thing is to start…even Silvie goes on a daily walk!




Family Events


What a wonderful day!

Family Events

Here are some shots of Miss Silvie while we were there to catch up on pictures we didn’t get posted.


She feels so good in your arms! We got a semi family photo- Clyde is important too! Silvie has discovered her thumb!

Oh how much fun this little one (and her parents) are…thank you for such a great time!




Kristy and I are having a little baby girl!  We are very excited!


Family News


In Moorea and off to Bora Bora tomorrow, having a relaxing time. We miss you all. See you in a little less than a week.

Kevin & Kristy

Family News

It all started here… Bill & Mary Heald.


Then came Kim and Clark…Happy 36 years!


Then came Kevin & Kristy…Happy First Year Anniversary!