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What a special day…Mama & Papa, Kim and Clark (44 years) and Kevin and Kristy (9 years)!



Delaney thinks this dress is so cool…


Sue & Kelsie, Karen & Linda, Kris decided to play. Never too late to send your photos!



Kim had her surgery Thursday and was home Friday. She is resting and sleeping due to pain meds. She can’t eat meat or hard food for 5 weeks as she can not swallow well due to swelling in the throat. Please take a few minutes to send her a get well card as talking is difficult.

Kim Culver

18 Orchard Street

Clyde, New York 14433

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Let’s wish Kim a very happy birthday!



Family News

Kim and Clark were coming home from Beth’s Monday when they were in an accident that could have been very deadly. Thanks to divine intervention- Kim has a back injury and a smashed hood. Kim clipped a barrel on the thruway at 75 mph sending them off the road, through a ravine and up a hill. When you go to sleep tonight- say many Thanks to God above because someone really is watching over them. I know I did.

Family News


Happy 41 years!

Happy 6 years!


I think this was the most fun I have had in forever! First and foremost- I got to see so many of my family which was wonderful.

The main reason for the trip was to attend Darian’s graduation from UNCG with her Bachelor of Social Work. SO PROUD!!!

Mattie also received her teaching certificate and with 4 more classes will have her Masters degree- MORE PRIDE!!! We decided to celebrate with a seafood boil- YUMMY!!!Along with that I got to see the model home and site of her new home.3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, laundry room, open concept- BEAUTIFUL!

Then I got to see my parents but especially my mom for Mother’s Day.

I got to spend time with Kim & Clark and say Happy 41st Anniversary! (Saw Erin too).

Had lunch with Kristy and Silvie- she is a hoot! Her brain never ceases to amaze me.

Silvie found little plastic rings on the ground, I explained they went in the chairs- she figured out how to lift the chair, place it in the right place and push down- she fixed all the chairs missing their plastic bumpers. She also likes arancini (Italian rice balls)! Many wonderful meals sharing memories and hugs- best time ever!

Family Events

Culver’s at Midnight Mass in Myrtle Beach.

More from the Culver’s…

Carrol family get together

Kate Bailey had a brunch for the family at her house.

After, Kelly went to the hospital to see Matthew for the first time.

Christmas at Mom & Dad’s…

At the Scutella House…

Christmas morning with Kevin, Kristy & Silvie…

Karen & Linda with Ed & Jan…


The Culvers are in Salem, Massachusetts- Hocus Pocus reincarnated!

Kelly and Rob are in New Orleans!

Kevin, Kristy, Silvie and Aunt Prissy are at Myrtle Beach!

Family News