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Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Phyllis had a birthday on Thanksgiving (November 25) she is 87- even though late-send her a card…

34 Burrell Street, Clyde, NY 14433

First Turkey Day… so cute!

The family get together- good to see Sarah!

Little helper- Matthew had to do dishes- got wet- found a solution!

Culvers finally got to see the Van Gogh exhibit. They all celebrated at Beth’s house…

Anniversary Family News

Friday night was SENIOR night at Kelsie’s volleyball game. Kim & Clark, Nana & Poppy, Kam and Em all showed up to cheer her on-they won!

Monday this young man will be back in school full-time. Great job Harley!

Nana & Poppy made it back from Myrtle Beach- Dad made it to his favorite breakfast place!

Erin got a new puppy-looks a little familiar (RIP Brenner).

Kelly hosted a lunch with the October birthdays-Nana, Clark, Nick, Ali, Kayla.

Finally- the thing to make you smile really big…Kennedy!


Family News


Family gathering in Matthews for the Mr. & Mrs. Deal Wedding. Celebrating Kevin’s birthday. Picture taken by Silvie.

Family Events

Golf weekend

Silvie relaxing…

Bear relaxing… in his own spot!~

Delaney’s last event in high school- mom and dad got to go see her perform-brilliant as always!

Kelly getting her porch ready for summer- can’t wait to chill out here!

What have you been up too?

Family News

Dad is on his Myrtle Beach Golf trip that he got for Christmas-Enjoy!

Volleyball has begun- the won all 3 last night… Kelsie is a happy girl!

These 2 are in New York keeping Nana company while dad is golfing.

Family News


Delaney thinks this dress is so cool…


Family Events




Let’s wish Ken & Sue a Happy 30 years!


Let’s wish Dad a very Happy Father’s Day!



There may be more in the family I am unaware of- send pics and I will post…