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Mattie and Kameron both got an internship this summer- way to go!


Kelsie made a great play from 3rd to 1st getting the player out and her team beating the only other undefeated team- way to go Kelsie!


Another engineer is born-figured out that the balls spin when you push down the frogs head- smart chickie!


Kelsie gets her “Girl-Cave” done! Sue and Mim did a great job.

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Kelsie finally got to see Belle. Nana asked her if she was as beautiful as she thought she would be- she answered “yes!” …”but not as beautiful as me.” So says her daddy who is having a great time.


Also got to see Tinkerbell…


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I went to the dentist and school training- not so much!


Scutella’s are in Hollywood.



DiSanto’s were surfing in Florida this morning and just goofing off this afternoon.

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“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”

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gus mack

Kameron helped coach this past weekend AAU game. They won the tournament!


The weekend also included an appearance by Greece Athena graduate Jason “J-Mac” McElwain, who was there for the 3-point shooting contest. J-Mac, who is a high-functioning autistic, made national headlines in 2006 when he drilled six 3-pointers and scored 20 points in the last four minutes of a high school game against Spencerport. He earned the ESPY award that year for Best Moment in Sports.

McElwain, now an assistant coach at his alma mater, has made speaking engagements around the country. He’s even qualified for next year’s Boston Marathon.

“It’s awesome to come out to a small community like Palmyra and give back to the youth,” said McElwain, who has competed in four Macker tournaments. “For all the success I’ve had, giving back has always been important to me. I had fun playing basketball. The reason I coach is to impact youth.

Kelsie played her last softball game tonight for the championship. She just wanted a medal! She got a trophy… they won 19-18.



movie night

Kelsie gave her dad a snuggle night and movie!





Her team is currently undefeated…take a look at her helmet!

This girl has style- tie dyed socks, bling on a pink helmet-looking good!

Her team lost the night I posted but won the next night 24-13 (Kels got a RBI), they are 8-1 (1 game cancelled, 2 more to go).



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…with an eye made quiet by power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
We see into the life of things…


waka waka

Delaney had a dance competition in Syracuse this weekend.  Her Jazz dance is called Waka Waka and they got a Platinum score for it (Highest Award).  It also placed 3rd in the All-Around.  Her Tap called Chocolate got a Platinum award and it got 1st Place in the All Around.  It also won the Best costume award for that age group.  It was a great weekend and the girls were thrilled with their performances.  We got home yesterday and Bob cooked us a nice dinner and ended the weekend with a cake congratulating Delaney on her performances.  That made her day!!


Kameron was chosen as one of the Fab 5 in Wayne County.


Beth is in Disney World with Lydia- they are having some fun!


Started my photography class this past week. Had to shoot 5 Aperture setting photos, 5 shutter speed photos and 5 program mode photos. Here is one I took…I guess they made the water blue for the Royals opening day.


Kelsie starts softball tonight!


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Kelsie is playing indoor soccer and scored in tonights game.


Found this picture of Kameron: Mynderse guard Brandon Passalacqua and Clyde-Savannah’s Kam DiSanto battle for possession as Mynderse’s Jason Anderson and Clyde-Savannah’s Joemaine Bogan (23) look on.



Tuesday I get my root canal…about time, I am so over the pain and the pain medication.


Tuesday-Kris is coming to Kansas City for a Wednesday meeting- then back home- we’ll take a quick trip!


Sunday, Bear has a standing morning visit with Muffy while Father Ed & Jan go to church- they love each other.


Found this picture of Kam from Saturdays game- not too bad for a kid who had the stomach bug. Way to persevere Kam!

Ken Disanto, ?



















Then I found this picture from the past…


Linda sold her pick up truck!

Ken DiSanto

Another picture from the past- before I was born.


Remember, Clyde Savannah (Class C3 Champions) against Mynderse Academy (Class C1 Champions), Monday, 3/4/13 at Waterloo HS @ 7:00 pm.

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