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What I want for my birthday- play golf with my dad and brother…trip to North Carolina.


Hit her first home run!

The ONLY home run of the season.

Kelsie is the only 7th grader on the team!


Principals Honor Roll and playing 2 sports!

Family News

Been off here for awhile- let’s update…

St. Pat’s Day- kiddos in green!

Kelsie is back to playing ball.

Cousins in Illinois- Kelly took this on the trip with mom and dad. All home now safely. They had Frank’s Pizza twice!

Scutella’s at the Biltmore.

Erin completing her second 5K run- this is a donate life run- go girl!

Family News

Let’s wish Kelsie a very Happy Birthday!


Christmas for the Bailey’s at Nick’s house. Tree at Kelly’s.

Kevin, Kristie & Silvie are in Charleston with the Gordan’s.

Scutella’s in North Carolina.

DiSanto’s and Carroll’s plus Katie at Nana & Poppy’s house.

Culver’s are at Myrtle Beach.

Karen & Linda celebrating with friends (Ed & Jan and Patty).


Kevin and Kristie bought a new truck!

The Carroll’s threw Delaney a surprise Birthday party! (Cake made by Staci & Oliver).

Silvie’s 23 month pictures!

Kelly’s Tree!

Kelsie has started a Holiday Sharing Project and baked Chocolate Chip cookies to bring to school!

Family News




Last night Kelsie had her band concert… break a leg little flutist!





Linda & I are both sick- in bed sick…boxes not out and may be late- nothing we can do about it unless God makes a miracle and we are both cured!

Well I think this helps more than the medication is working! Thanks Kelsie!!!

PS-Boxes going out today- Culver, Bailey/DiSanto, DiSanto Jr are all being mailed to mom. Kay is going to her home with Delaney’s B’day gift and Kris is picking up N.C. group when she comes next week.