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Harley spent the weekend with Gma- played around on computer and watched the birds. Threw in a picture of Matthew because-it’s been awhile!

Family News


Delaney thinks this dress is so cool…


Sue & Kelsie, Karen & Linda, Kris decided to play. Never too late to send your photos!



Kevin, Kristy, Silvie and Clydie’s House

Kelly’s House

Birthday get together with the grand babies.

This year’s new edition- bells! Birthday gift from Linda!

Crayola Tree, Beach Tree

Big Tree at Karen, Linda and Bear’s House.

Send us your decorations- big or small, inside or outside- show us your Christmas spirit!


Carving sleepy, smiley and scary… Silvie & Kristy pulled out the seeds and Kevin carved…

Little man and Carly…

Kelly at work…

Silvie as a witch…

Candy shoot COVID Style for the trick or treaters…

Meanwhile in Vermont-making scary pancakes …




August Birthday Celebrations…Dad (82) and Kelly (the big 60!)

Date: AUG. 22, 2020

Place: The Farm

Time: When you get there- food will be served mid afternoon (pulled pork & hotdogs)

NOTE: Bring a dish to pass



Family News

Let’s wish Kelly a very Happy Birthday!


According to Nana, Katie got a job at The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It is a state-of-the-art clinical cancer center. Its focus is to provide outstanding care for people with cancer by offering the latest and most effective therapies in a compassionate setting.

Family News


In the clouds…

Back down to earth…