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Celebrating Harley’s birthday & Christmas dinner with Nana & Poppy at Kelly & Rob’s house.



Kelsey went to homecoming…beautiful!


Kay turned into a smurf…


Farley did it again- wonderful!


Nick’s Shower was a success!


Mattie and Kris decide to go to Paint with a Twist and the highlight of their night was buying a half dozen gourmet cupcakes !!!


Silvie played on the swing, wheeeeee…


I heard Kameron was out all day trying to get a deer- he should have been here- they were in my backyard!


To everyone out there sick…I feel your pain

Wash your hands often, stay hydrated and get lots of sleep (you might even need a croup tent)!

Family News


Katie formed a team “Team Bailey” for the Buffalo JDRK Walk to Cure Diabetes at the Buffalo Zoo Sunday in honor of her Dad. Thanks to all of those in the family that donated to the team in honor of her Dad and Nana.

Just so you know..

“Everyone has specific targets they have to meet to make their money.  But then why is it that many executives of  diabetes non-profits (with the exception of the JDRF), gets paid based on goals and objectives that have nothing to do with finding a cure?

We just finished our latest report  ” Are Non-Profit Executives Financially Incentivized to Deliver a Cure”, and our findings are pretty upsetting. Most of the CEO’s are rewarded on the performance of completely different criteria, such as advocacy, or how much fundraising they pull in.  Finding a cure is a large part of every organization’s mission, so why is progress towards one not incentivized at all? If they’re going to get bonuses anyway, shouldn’t the bonuses be for work that helps cure diabetics, and not for how much fundraising they gain?”

Jeff Brewer’s (CEO) son has diabetes and his number one goal is to find a cure- money goes to research! Much better place to put your donation!

Way to go Katie!



Nick is going to be a daddy, Kelly a grandmother and Nana & Poppy Great Grandparents!

WOW- Congratulations…we are all so very excited for you.

Picture from Kelly’s Mother’s day with her son and daughter- heard it was a great day!


Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 11.57.36 PM

Kam played in an AAU tournament last weekend- won 3, lost 1



They won there pool- Central Western Red


Then lost in the last 3 (don’t know who one- haven’t updated the site. If it wasn’t Kam- who cares!


Mom and dad left today for Myrtle Beach…


They will be joined by Kris


And Kevin and Kristy


Kate is back from Arizona and back at school- hope your trip was great!

wantedKaren and Linda are getting a new car…Subaru Outback (Sweet)



More like a car, better gas mileage, AWD- we get it Saturday (had to come from St. Louis.) Check out some of Subaru’s cool features.

What’s up with you?

Family News


Let’s wish Rob a very Happy Birthday!


For thoase who never get to see Kam play- here is some video of the game against Mynderse- they lost but you can still see Kam play (Number 5).  There will be an award ceremony Tuesday- go Kam.

2013 Finger Lakes East/West Exceptional Senior Contest. The game will be held on March 12th at Waterloo High School with a 5:45pm tip-off. Boys game-8:00pm


Katie is in Arizona for Spring Break visiting Sarah- have fun.


Mattie is home with her mama on Spring Break chilling…

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 12.07.20 AM

Lala is home on Spring Break cleaning and chilling (picture from “Love Your Pet Day” at school)

Ubaldo DiSanto

This week-chill…just like everybody on Spring Break and Baldy!

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Let’s all wish Katie a very happy birthday! Hope it is 2 thumbs up!

(21 years old-legal)