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Let’s wish Nick a very Happy Birthday!




Kelsey went to homecoming…beautiful!


Kay turned into a smurf…


Farley did it again- wonderful!


Nick’s Shower was a success!


Mattie and Kris decide to go to Paint with a Twist and the highlight of their night was buying a half dozen gourmet cupcakes !!!


Silvie played on the swing, wheeeeee…


I heard Kameron was out all day trying to get a deer- he should have been here- they were in my backyard!


To everyone out there sick…I feel your pain

Wash your hands often, stay hydrated and get lots of sleep (you might even need a croup tent)!

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Shower for Nick (& Nina)

October 11, 2015

2:00 p.m.

Nana’s House

Bring an hors d’oeuvre

More ideas to follow (waiting on ideas from Nick & Kelly)

Family News

mdMom & Dad are in New Hampshire visiting a fraternity brother of dad’s. They return home Friday Thursday. Laney has her first performance of “Snoopy”.

giftKelsey got here get-well package from Lala-her response “OMG, I’m spoiled rotten!” Plus a big Thank You!

harleyHarley was in the hospital- high fever and seizures. He had blood work, chest x-ray, ct scan and everything came back normal. They spoke with neurologist at Strong whom he has to follow up with. There is a small percentage of kids that will have seizures at the on- set of a temperature so they aren’t sure as he was 102 when he had the seizures. They have no idea. He is still throwing up and a low temp now so they are thinking a bug of some kind. Prayers welcome…

kenKenny goes to his doctor on Thursday, July 23- we are hoping for some good news here or a change in meds – lots of prayers (this has been going on a long time).

smilesSunshine from Silvie…

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Life is better by the pool!


Yesterday was the DiSanto reunion at Seneca Lake. Kelly, Nick, Harley and Nana & Poppy went. Here are a few shots. Harley is getting so big.


Family News


Just spending time together…