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delaneyDelaney tried out for modified soccer this year. There were over 70 girls who tried out and they only kept around 40. She made the B team with most of her friends from her soccer team. The modified A team is mostly girls from 9th and 8th grade. She is looking forward to the season, they think they have a strong team. We will keep you posted on their season!!

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First day of 7th grade…


First day of 6th grade…

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Genie in Aladdin…(with her friend Emily)

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This is Linda’s nephew (Gary/”Bubby”)- he and his family went to Africa- he went to town to do medical exams- all the kids wanted to touch him! They are there to build a medical clinic with their church- the plan to stay 1-3 years.


Clyde had a storm- it blew-it rained-it flooded.

We had convocation- for those who can see video, this is a little of how it went. I love our intern superintendent- they will spend $80,000 to search for a new one when we have one right here-WTF?


Many family members are on their way to Myrtle Beach-have fun… wish I was there!


Delaney was cast as the Genie in Aladdin- her show is August 21, 2015. Way to go Delaney!

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They had the gala last night for Westside Theater. They did songs from all 20 musicals they did over the 20 years! It was really special that people travelled from all over to come and be part of this event for Kelly. There has been some AMAZING talent that has come from this program and it was really enjoyable to watch the various numbers that were put together. Delaney and the cast and the Sr High Case did her number Dime a Dozen for the show. It was terrific! Then she was in the chorus for all the other numbers. Here are pictures of her and the girls in their dresses. Delaney loved getting to do the dress up part- she looked great, but she is growing up so fast!! What happened to our chubby faced, curly hair girl? She has become a beautiful young lady!!

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Thanks to everyone that came to watch Delaney’s Musical. She did great and she loved having all there to share it with her! Here are some pictures with family and cast members. There is also one with Mr. Cortese. What a fun night!! Delaney did AWESOME and it was so fun to see her doing what she loves!

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Delaney’s Chili Team played a tournament this past weekend in Clarence, NY. They played up a level in GU14. They made it to the finals and Delaney played her cousin Julia. Penfield won, 1-0, but it was a good game.


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Kay and Bob redid Delaney’s bathroom…cute redo!



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Delaney had her Vocal Recital on Sunday. Bob and I, Kelsie, Nana and Poppy were there. Here is 1 of her songs “A New Life” from the musical Jekyll and Hyde (originally done by Linda Eder). Nana cried and Mom just beamed! She was great and we have many more singing engagements to come! Check it out. I will also post the other song she sang –The Wizard and I from Wicked (originally done by Idina Menzel). She has definitely gone after songs by other woman with big powerful voices. You can check out their videos and see how she did (remember she is only 12!) The photo is of all the kids that performed that day. ENJOY! K


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Delaney was cast as Lucy in the summer musical!

They are doing a Jr Version and a Sr. Version because they had a number of good young people and older kids. Her show is on Thursday, July 23rd at 7:30pm. Then she will be the chorus for the Sr. Show on Friday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday Afternoon. They have a big Gala concert on Saturday night with all the people who have been in Kelly’s shows over the years. Mr. Cortese will be in that one and it should be fantastic! She is really excited and we hope everyone will get a chance to come check it out. Thanks, K

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Delaney’s Rhino team had their 1st game against Webster Dynamos last night and they won 3-2. Amazing how far these girls have come this year. So much fun to watch them play!!



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