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Pictures from Delight which is my all women’s ministry and bible study group!!

The girl in the picture is Michel, she’s a senior in the mt program and she’s one of the heads of Delight who i’m close with.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Loving the new family I have found with Delight and I simply can’t wait for more friendships and a closer relationship with God through this organization. Delaney💗

Kim & Clark have been together 50 years (Sept. 17, 1971-Sept. 17, 2021)
Kelly has started her fall decorating.
Kelsie is the president of her senior class- way to go girl!!!

Congrats to my best friend and future wife Darian Scutella on officially getting her LCSW!!
You’ve worked so hard and done so well and you’ve earned it! I’m proud of you and I love you!!! Dane
Silvie got to catch up with her Krissy this weekend. Kevin’s mini me.

Family News

Matthew got his first hair cut!

Em’s brother got married- looking good at the wedding.

Kennedy is growing- spent the day with Gma for her birthday.

Darian had her bachelorette party this weekend-wedding getting close!


Family News

Did you know…this girl:

*has 4 years of sobriety

*During this time she earned a BS, MSW and LCSW

*earned a promotion to supervisor at her place of work

*will top it off by getting married Oct 9, 2021!

YOU GO GIRL! We are so proud!

Family News

❤️ Today was Beautiful. It was Perfect.
Thank you all for celebrating our love!

Family Events

Posted with permission from Mattie Deal.


Family gathering in Matthews for the Mr. & Mrs. Deal Wedding. Celebrating Kevin’s birthday. Picture taken by Silvie.

Family Events

Dad is on his Myrtle Beach Golf trip that he got for Christmas-Enjoy!

Volleyball has begun- the won all 3 last night… Kelsie is a happy girl!

These 2 are in New York keeping Nana company while dad is golfing.

Family News

Sue & Kelsie, Karen & Linda, Kris decided to play. Never too late to send your photos!




She said “Yes” to a dress!

Family Events

Thanks Erin…

Kris said Mattie wanted 3 things…a balloon arch, designer cookies (Kris made) and a Charcuterie Board (Bridal party bought for shower)

Family Events

Family Events

Darian passed her Clinical Licensure test (it is a bugger)- great job!

Family News

Family News