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Christmas for the Bailey’s at Nick’s house. Tree at Kelly’s.

Kevin, Kristie & Silvie are in Charleston with the Gordan’s.

Scutella’s in North Carolina.

DiSanto’s and Carroll’s plus Katie at Nana & Poppy’s house.

Culver’s are at Myrtle Beach.

Karen & Linda celebrating with friends (Ed & Jan and Patty).


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This is how I spent the day yesterday… going back and forth between anger, laughter and tears over my dog being stuck under my shed. I couldn’t get him out and he didn’t appear like he could move much. I left the house to get a friend to help and by  the time I got back, he was out… covered in mud and happy as can be. It was a long night bathing this silly guy. I thought it might make others smile… 🙂



Buddy, Bear, Bailee Maee, Brenner, Slick…

buddy bear bailey