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dogsnow snowing

Big snowflakes in Kansas City today (very pretty to look at)- Bear loves the snow- his people- not so much!



We made homemade pasta- this is getting good!


Bear waiting on Linda and playing in the snow!




Bear had a tumor removed from between his eyes today. He has 3 stitches but it was benign and he is doing well (Thank you God)



Ready for the hospital…tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 9:00 and her surgery is at 11:30. Doctors debating on how to put her under (nerve block or intubation). Short surgery, block means over night stay but she did well the last time with it…wait and see she may choose to come home. Bear will stay with Ed & Jan and I will stay if she does. She should be home Wednesday. I will call mom with and update. PRAYERS, please!

Update: Didn’t go in till 1:00 p.m. but we were home by 6:00 p.m. Successful surgery- knee appliance is ok (not loose, breaking a part) lots of fluid on the knee which causes pain- drained, all around the cavity is cleaned and they did a Zplaste- lengthen some muscle inside the knee. They cut the muscle so this is what is causing her pain. They have her on two different drugs. Last time she had a  Nerve Block so came home with no pain, this time they did general anesthesia – allowed her to come home the same day buy lots more pain. We have made lots of good food and plan to watch many Christmas movies!


Bear taken care of his Mama 2

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Birthday dinner at Cascade’s (Linda had to work so we brought dinner to her at the hospital), second night dinner at home, Plaza lights and lights at the National plus my birthday gifts.


Home made dinner- homemade pasta- little fail- clogged machine so used some pasta from Italy- 3 pasta & 3 sauces.


Mimosa’s, Poinsettia, fruit roll ups, making pasta…Yum Yum!


Trying the homemade noodles!



This was definitely a weekend to cheer about!~



We were going to winterize the camper but decided to wait and see if we might be able to squeeze in a couple more trips.

There was an incredible fog when we woke this morning. We also saw our first barge on the Missouri River.


This trip we brought Muffie (we are babysitting).



Ok this is Phillippo our waiter from Florence he was studying civil engineering at Duke University and will be finishing degree at university of Florence here in Italy He loves the states and is 25 years old He thinks Darian Scutella is pretty cute hmmmm… Italian an engineer giving your mother wine and ravioli I think it is a match made in heaven!! For those who don’t know- Kris and Bev are in Italy!


Linda and I went to the river- here is trip #12. There were trees being cut down- it was quite entertaining. Bear really enjoyed rolling in the sawdust. Worst part of the trip- my crown feel off- I was just at the dentist last week for a cleaning-I’m blaming it on them.


Here is the tree falling…it shock the ground…


Here are the pictures from this trip…


And I know I have to catch up on Silvie…she is learning to wave bye-bye, still chasing Clyde, at the farm with Ella & her aunts…she is growing big!


It’s Sunday…football time!


Retired the 8 car of the Wheeler Racing team tonight with a win!!

culversThe Culver’s trip pic…

What’s up with you?

Camping Photos

Shutterfly had some great deals on books this week- I decided to make one for Silvie…hence, nothing else got done till it got done.

Here is the last three days of Silvie…3days

I received a wedding gift from Kevin, Kristy and Silvie- thought this was so funny… it was a digital frame with little miss- we love it, now if they could only put it to sound!


Update on Bear- he is having his tonsils out September 30-oh my!


Kelsey won this at school today… yummy!angrybird

Going away this weekend to the river again- need to get in our trips before the weather turns…

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Bear has slipped back a bit- bringing him back to the vet’s today to hopefully stay in front of this- prayers please- he is my ring bearer…

Silvie playing in the pool with mom & dad….

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Her smile makes my day!

Met with the minister- working out the ceremony, picked the music (above is song after vows- there will be 3 songs sung and instrumental to walk in), got pedi/mani’s, Linda is tanning, Karen is not!, got new earrings, slimmed down the menu, ordered food, made announcement, so we are almost there…

“Face Of Love”

until tonight 
 my heart was just half full 
 i'd never known the fruit which fed the soul 
 but now i see what may put to rest my longing
 for i have seen, the face of love
 the grace of god, the face of love
 in silence i feared my heart 
 would remain words unheard 
 inside a separateness of skin 
 but now i know that the skin just veils the soul
 for i have seen, the face of love 
 the grace of god, the face of love
 so take my hand and knowing 
 with it i also give my heart 
 wanting never to be separate again 
 let eternity begin
 if you were flame 
 i'd allow myself to be consumed completely 
 were you wind i would wish you pass through me 
 but now i know that the skin just veils the soul
 for i have seen, the face of love 
 the grace of god, the face of love

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Update: He is still receiving fluids at the vet (IV & subcutaneous) and still receiving a shot for nausea. Our vet was there today and did diagnosis him with pancreatitis. A big concern is many dogs who have this develop diabetes (are you kidding me?)

He did eat some last night and today, Jan sat with him today so he was not alone- still very lethargic but I think we are over the hump…again, thanks for all the prayers. He has 2 happy mommas tonight!



Was still dehydrated and had a drip and subcutaneous fluids, some new meds (antibiotics & a  Cerenia Injection (stops nausuea). He will go back tomorrow to see how he is. Still very sick (“not out of the woods” per vet) but better than yesterday so keep those prayers coming…thanks for all the texts, calls and prayers- they mean a lot.



My puppy woke up in the middle of the night and started vomiting blood- we took him into the pet emergency and they treated him and sent him home- by 7:00 pm he was getting worse so we took him back and they kept him. He has a catheter and IV- we hope he come home tomorrow. Please pray for a quick recovery- I miss him- the house is too quite and still.

We moved him to our personal vet but he is very sick- our vet said he might die. They did X-rays, more blood work and sent a panel to Texas to a specialist. Now it is a wait and see…pray hard!


trip9Left Friday evening to go back to Lloyd’s place on the river. Saturday was beautiful- we went on an ATV ride, saw a crop duster and beautiful sunset.9picsTook a hike and shoot some new pictures…waterRelaxing and just what we needed!


Our first trip of the season…cut short by RAIN! Left Friday when Linda got off work, came home Sunday afternoon just beating the storm. Saturday was very hot- Heat index of 103. This was the first time we went camping and no one else was at the river (brother came just for a couple hours). We got to do all our own cooking, no internet or comforts of the cabin (everything moved out because it flooded) so everything was done in our RV!


We went on a hike (our goal for every trip this year)- took some pictures.


Some things never change- Bear always has to pee once we get on the road so we stop to accommodate and we seem to always stop at DQ.

This trip we did have a new friend- Baxter came along- he had a lot of fun and fit right in.




Three years old today. I love this dog! (Bear with his girlfriend Muffie).