Sweet Dominican Treats

street-vendor (95k image)

While we were in the Dominican Republic, we had many of these little treats called Dulces de Coco and Mani Molado. Street vendors walk around everywhere selling them. This one, in particular, was near David’s dad’s house and carried the bowl on his head {{popup street-vendor-2.jpg street-vendor-2 499×350}}street-vendor-2. I had not even tried these treats until this precise moment. After I did, I told David we should have bought the whole bowl! They were delicious!

street-vendor-3 (75k image)

David’s favorite are the Dulces de Coco, which are little coconut bars. I liked the Mani Molado, which are little ground peanut bars. They are both delicious and I searched for their recipes online. These were the best I could find… DULCES DE COCO and TURRON DE MANI (I think this is the same thing – it is pretty close).

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