Summer projects…

fountain (196k image)
“The more we do, the more we can do;
the more busy we are, the more leisure we have.”

Well it was a busy and productive summer. We redid the area in the front of the house- adding grasses and a fountain- we like the simple look and serene feel.
{{popup mlctree.gif mlctree 500×375}}Tree Garden This might not look like much but there was nothing under this tree before. It now is circled with Liriope and the inside plant is goose neck (looks bad now because it is so dry). Hopefully next year it will be fuller. Linda had to plant hundreds of plants to fill this in.
{{popup willow.gif willow 500×491}}Willow plants. We planted these plants on the South side of the barn to cover the barn and soften it. They will grow much larger and in early spring are a varigated color.
{{popup upstairs.gif upstairs 500×375}}Upstairs– I cleaned (alot of junk laying around) the upstairs, laundry room, garage and barn. It took several weeks to clean them all.
{{popup painting.gif painting 500×314}}Painted living room– added a suede finish to the livingroom.
{{popup floor.gif floor 500×215}}Clean carpets– we dry cleaned the carpets through out the house. Notice a lot of work inside because most of the summer was 100 plus!
{{popup bjbefore.gif bjbefore 500×375}}Bernards tables– pretty ugly so we cleaned it. Here it is {{popup bjredo.gif bjredo 500×289}}redone– not sure if I’ll refinish it or not.
{{popup deckwall.gif deckwall 500×375}}Deckwall– when we could work outside we did the brick wall around the deck and added hostas.
{{popup rockwall.gif rockwall 500×375}}Rockwall– we built this wall and will plant 3 grasses in it this week (will get dirt and got plants Sunday). We took out a plant that was dying, will move the tree which is falling over, will even out the rock and added the roses and wall around them.
{{popup paint.gif paint 500×375}}House paint– we had to repaint the house trim- it chips and discolors so we got that done.
{{popup bearpaw.gif bearpaw 375×500}}Bearpaw– yesterday we put down the bear paw to frame this garden. We ran out and have to finish the back but most of it got done.
The last thing we have to get done this year is the {{popup skylight.gif skylight 500×280}}skylights because they were damaged in the hail storm along with the roof. We are going to get flat e glass skylights which keeps out 99.9 of UV rays and should help with the heat in the house.
This was a good summer- lots of projects done, taught at UMKC and did a lot of scrapbooking and have almost all my Christmas gifts done. I feel good going back to work!


  1. Kay said:

    WOW- doesn’t it feel good when you make progress on you house and get things done that you want so it looks better. We are hoping to get the rest of our painting done in the Fall and I can’t wait- it makes such a difference. We didn’t get all of the deck done- but we will keep plugging!

    August 22, 2006
  2. La said:

    I knew I was tired! It really feels good to get so much done.

    August 17, 2006

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