Stay Close…

When Dee was in rehab- I got her and her mother the book- “Stay Close”. They both loved the book (Kris has even talked with the author- Libby Cataldi).


This is my story, our story; my son is a heroin addict. He wasn't born this way, or maybe he was and the addiction was there, hiding, all throughout his childhood years. That's the thing with addiction, no one knows the cause. I have spent a lot of time trying to ferret out the answer to why one son is addicted and the other one isn't, but I've given that up. I now spend my time learning about how to best support my son through his recovery. My son is twenty-nine years old, and he is good today, sober and productive after fourteen years of addiction. This story is about addiction, but more importantly, it is about hope.  (Anyone with a reader- happy to send you a copy).

Libby also has a blog and sends out weekly thoughts and meditations…today’s resonated with me…

Today’s Promise to consider: The past is the past, and although it invariably shapes us, we need to learn from it and let go of it. Carrying former hurts on our backs like a turtle carries his shell helps no one. Today, I will not live in fear that the past might reoccur. I won’t waste precious time with my loved one.

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