Spring Pause…


Tomorrow begins Spring Pause- 2 whole days off (did away with Spring Break). Just enough time to start to feel better and your dumped back into it. I will miss the beach and my week off- by the end of May students and teachers are going to be looney because there is no breaks between now and then… I’ll enjoy Friday & Monday!

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  1. klds said:

    Well we got a lot done in those two days- moved furniture, put the laundry room back together, cleaned the garage, cleaned out the receipt/bill drawers, did my taxes (almost all done), cut down the large grasses, mowed the lawn, burned the debris, cleaned the hot tub, listed the hot tub on Craig’s List and sold the hot tub. We still had time to see a movie, eat at Cinzetti’s, shop at Penzey’s, a new olive oil store- the Tasteful Olive and Costco.

    Only wish I had the whole week off because we are having 75-80 degree weather and it is beautiful. Can’t wait to get in the mud (wish I could find a pair of mud boots) and plant the garden. I am ready for Spring!

    March 31, 2010

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