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Well, I don’t have much to post about, but I have been playing softball, so I thought I would post about that.

Last week was by far my best hitting week. I hit a double! I was very proud of myself. We, of course, won.

This week was a little different however. We played the same team as last week, and there was a mess up in the schedule and made them home team twice. Out of common courtesy they should have let us been home team, but they didn’t. Then, Stacey, our slugger, hit a whopper into left field. It hit the ground and rolled into the woods. According to league rules, I guess she is only suppose to get a double out of it, but the Ump didn’t call it. The other team wanted to protest the game right there, but someone told them they had to wait until the last inning. So, last inning came along (mind you we were ahead by 10 runs) and they called it with two outs. They didn’t forfeit, but the Ump told everyone the game was over. So, then I guess what happened is there is something about reporting our results of the game. This wasn’t done because the communications at the work of our Captain were out, so she did them late. So the Ump gave us the loss!! Nothing in our rules states that we are to be given a loss for the game, nor does the rules state that we need our results in by a certain time. So we were discouraged and I guess they are going to fight it. We think the league is against us cause we are kicking butt. I think we are third or second in the league. There were two other teams last night that wanted to protest their games as well because of some issues. I think that league has problems.

Well, I’ve up and Joined another league as well. I’m now playing in the Geneva League (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in addition to the Phelps/Farmington league I’m already in (Wednesdays). Apparently the results of the games are also printed in the Finger Lakes Times in the Sunday edition, although I haven’t checked for myself yet. Maybe my double from last week was in there this past Sunday. I don’t know what the name of the Geneva team I’m on yet, but the Farmington/Phelps team is Halfway Haus and Phelps Cement. For all your FL Times readers out there, keep a lookout!

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