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I know that everyone has been busy lately, but we need to add one item to our resolutions for this new year – POSTING! It is really important for everyone, especially those of us far away, to read about the different things that people are doing… even if it is the simple task of making dinner or a cake or whatever, or the fact that you helped someone or received a scripture that spoke to you in church… anything. I am trying to approach this new year in a different light. Part of it has to come from the fact that I’m not sure where I’m heading right now. I’m doing the job search thing, but to be honest I think I want to do something humble for a while… find a charity to work for, or work with animals in a humane society… I don’t really know. I just know that I want to find value in my everyday being. I’m totally blabbing on and on here, but what I really wanted to get at was that this blog is important for us all… not just to share pictures and to tell what’s going on, but to share life! Our lives! Throw the rules out the window and post something totally random. Put your heart into it! Some of this comes from reading mine and Lala’s favorite blogger, Cathy Z. Please read the post on her friend and neighbor Mary. She had cancer and Cathy is so honest about telling her fears and regrets about not spending more time with her. I loved that she could open up and be so vulnerable to the world. And waht was so cool is that she encouraged Mary to start a blog to talk about her life and now that she is gone, her family has these little pieces of her life saved. Cathy took the blog entries and photos and made books for her families. I just think it is so cool and I want to be able to come here and know that when I read about my family, I feel the love and joy and honesty and giving… etc. We’re amazing! All of us! Let’s share it! And while we’re at it, let’s thank Lala for having this wonderful site to come to. Thank you! This is one of the best gifts of all!

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  1. La said:

    I do believe this is a very important tool for our family- and though it sometimes gets quiet- I honor that as well and try to keep news up as best I can… hard for the older kids sometimes.

    One important note and a lesson learned from Aunt Lu…time is short, I want to share with those I love now and I hope others will share too.
    Thanks for the thoughts Erin.

    January 8, 2007

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