So much produce!

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Well, I came back from NY and have more produce than I know what to do with. I have three full quarts of sugar snap peas (and that doesn’t count the ones I tossed because they were past prime and all the ones I ate while I harvested). Another quart of broccoli flowerets, a zucchini and a black zucchini and a ton of cucumbers. The little ones are for pickling, but I have like 9 slicing cucumbers. Any ideas on what to do with them out there? I’ll make my tomato, cucumber, free mozzerella salad, but I have even more cucumbers coming. Any good cucumber recipies out there??

I ate my first ripe tomatoes, there are a few others almost ready. I have peppers almost ready to pick, beans won’t be too much longer either! I have the first showing of my pumpkins and watermelon as well, and picked my first zucchinis. It’s all growing really well, my sugar snap peas are about 7 feet tall!! My eggplants are blossoming, but no fruit showing yet.

I also picked a huge batch of raspberries at mom and dads and made more jam… the $3 I paid for my canning pot at a yard sale last year was WELL worth it!


  1. klds said:

    Last week I was asking everyone what to do with cucumbers- I had about 20 very large ones (gave most away) but was exploring making relish! I’ll share pictures soon and an update- hard year for the garden- wet weather, lots of deer and rabbits and bugs that have hurt the crops.

    I think you should go to a farmers market and sell your goods- they look fantastic!

    July 24, 2009
  2. Erin said:

    YUM!!! You have tons of produce that looks delish! I don’t know many recipes for cukes to help you out with though.

    My little garden is doing well… picked my first cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes but have not eaten them. I also have some beans but I don’t know when to pick them. My Serrano and jalapenos are probably ready to pick and I have my first little cantaloupe! My cukes aren’t doing much at this point so I’m not sure if the heat is affecting them too much… my lettuce is not doing great either and the chives and cilantro have all about disappeared. I have tons of basil though and we have been eating brushetta like crazy.

    July 23, 2009

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