Slowing down…finally

Well as you can tell I made it back to KC and things are starting to slow down. Monday I had to prep my class and Tuesday I teach 5 hours. Yesterday I talked to Ken & Sue, Kay C and Erin (I think I talked to some of them more yesterday on the phone then I did in person in New York!). What a FAST trip- I feel like I didn’t see most people (except Kay & Delaney and that wasn’t enough) and hardly even saw my mom (yes I cried when I left and I always will- just hate saying good-bye to her).
I wish there would have been more time and more pictures and more smiles and more talks – Thank you:
– Erin for the wonderful pictures you got
– Kim thanks for my book (I love it)
– Beth it was great to see you- I hope you’ll find time to make it to KC (I have design questions that I know you know) and for the wonderful food (good wings) and always for my hugs
– mom & dad- for everything you do but for the wonderful dinner and party at the pool
– Kay C- for that bundle of joy, our special clam bake and everything you did (getting & bringing me to the airport) and the time we had (Buffett too)
– Katie- thanks for the hugs and letting me take your picture
– Nick for being with the family (we miss you)
– Kameron for our gentle moments
– Everyone else- for being there and being part of our family
Hopefully next time it will be more time for sharing… always remember- you can always come to KC!

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  1. Erin said:

    And thank you La la for taking the time and money to come home and see us! We do not get the chance to see you as often as we would like, so the time that we do get we must cherish. I would also like to thank everyone, and especially Nana & Poppy – thanks for the party and good dogs/burgs. You guys always throw the best parties. Hope to see evryone soon! Diddo to all of Karen’s thank you’s…

    July 9, 2003

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