Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses

So my sister ended up coming into town this weekend because she had two interviews in the area� so we took part of the day yesterday to go try on some bridesmaid dresses. We came up with two very simple styles that we like (8567 and 8007), which are shown below. And the funny part is that they are actually more formal than I thought I was going to like. Because Beth has a figure that is not easy to work with, we tried on about two dozen and these two looked the best. Now, orginally I wanted the champagne color because it matches part of my dress, but we decided the darker latte color might be better so that everything does not blend as much. And then Beth tried on one in cinnamon because it was in her size (they keep several in the colors/sizes but you may have to try them on in a different color just for size) and we kinda like it. If you look at the colors below, it is more like the color in the second dress (on the bottom)� the first looks kinda light. Orginally I would not like an orangy colored dress, but this one is more of a rust and is truly beautiful and different. So now we are torn between the two colors and styles. We think we like the first style best, minus the ugly diamond pin thing, but it is more expensive ($150 vs. $99 on special), but that wrap over really made my sister look stunning. So we thought we would put it out there for people to comment on which they think because I am truly torn. Latte would be easier to match things too and many of our decorations will match (we got stuff in red), but the cinnamon is different and would really add some color for a fall wedding� and I could get my red/orange calalillies that I loved form the beginning. I don�t know� I need your imput.

s05_8567_psd (27k image)s05_8567_psd-cin (30k image)

s05_8007_psd-latte (25k image) s05_8007_psd (25k image)


  1. Erin said:

    Yeah, we didn’t bring the camera with us… I wish had though. Too funny Bob!

    April 19, 2007
  2. Erin said:

    The bridge? Great, I’ve gone from bridezilla to just "the bridge". LOL! Gotta love typos. And yes, if you and mom go try on, I may need you to bring a camera. It would be cool to have some pics for my wedding album of you trying them on. Maybe I can have V meet you guys or something.

    April 19, 2007
  3. Beth said:

    I could see how that could look like me, but I’m not really that skinny! I really liked the Cinnamon myself, I think it looks better with my skin tone. I liked the cross over dress too, I think it was much more flattering and interesting. But, I’ll let the bridge decide. Mom and I need to go try them on so she can give her opinion after seeing them on.

    April 19, 2007
  4. Kay said:

    I like the latte colored one better- but I can see the attraction to the cinnamon- but in the long run I would go with the brown and accent with flowers and ribbons, etc. I like the one that crosses over- I think it keeps it from looking to simple- and I like the pin on it- it gives it some "Bling"! I went with cross over dresses and I do believe they flatter all different sizes and shapes. Thanks for sharing. Does Bob really think that is Beth?

    April 19, 2007
  5. Bob said:

    I like what Beth has done with her hair. The dress really does alot for her. Keep up the good work!

    April 18, 2007
  6. Momster of the Bride said:

    I like the latte colored dress and also the simpler one… both are lovely so you go with the one you love best! Matching will be easier with the latte. ~smooch~

    April 18, 2007

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