Sharin’ the joy!!

SUNY Oswego was closed today due to adverse (shitty) weather conditions and I am doin’ my Wooo Whooo dance because I get to spend the day with little lady and do some homework so that it won’t interfere with “family time”. Plus the laundry needs doing, vacumming, dusting…….


  1. Avatar Erin said:

    I need to get home so I can love on the new baby! Take all the time you can with her and love on her some for me! I am so excited to see her! I already know she’s beautiful, but I have to see her in person! Hopefully I can make it home soon…

    January 30, 2004
  2. Avatar La said:

    No rest for the wicked or so they say- enjoy Kelsie- I know I would. I’ll enjoy Delaney today. We will both be enjoying little people hugs. Kiss her for me until I get there in March.

    January 29, 2004

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