Sharin’ the joy!!

SUNY Oswego was closed today due to adverse (shitty) weather conditions and I am doin’ my Wooo Whooo dance because I get to spend the day with little lady and do some homework so that it won’t interfere with “family time”. Plus the laundry needs doing, vacumming, dusting…….


  1. Erin said:

    I need to get home so I can love on the new baby! Take all the time you can with her and love on her some for me! I am so excited to see her! I already know she’s beautiful, but I have to see her in person! Hopefully I can make it home soon…

    January 30, 2004
  2. La said:

    No rest for the wicked or so they say- enjoy Kelsie- I know I would. I’ll enjoy Delaney today. We will both be enjoying little people hugs. Kiss her for me until I get there in March.

    January 29, 2004

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