Shaped Pancake Day – In Honor of Loretta Culver

Today my grandma Culver would’ve been 90 years old. To celebrate her birthday and life, the Culver side of my family has declared today, May 12, Shaped Pancake Day. I thought I would invite everyone here to join us, if you’d like. To participate, you must freehand your own pancake designs and post them for all to see. I’ve attached some of my family’s contributions and I will post mine later tonight for dinner. We do this in loving honor and remembrance and plan to continue the tradition going forward.

In case you are wondering why, this was the fondest memory that us grandchildren had from our younger days when we spent overnights at her house. She would take our requests for whatever shape we desired, and she always… always pulled it off incredibly! And this was before they made molds!

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  1. Mim & Clark said:

    This was fun and a fitting tribute to Mom. Instead of being sad on her day, it left me smiling. We miss you Mom.

    May 15, 2015

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