Shade-grown coffee – Better… saves trees, rainforest and birds!

Okay, I am on a fabulous search for organizations that I would like to contribute to (one of which you already saw below was for Breast Cancer Research through the purchasing of stamps – which are way cool, I might add). I am also interested in Multiple sclerosis because my old boss’s wife has it, as well as something having to do with the trees and the rainforest. Well, I happened across the National Arbor Day Foundation (NADF) who are dedicated to America’s trees! Your donation saves 2,500 square feet of Rainforest and you also receive 10 FREE TREES to plant in your area. They also encourage the sale of shade-grown coffee, which my Uncle Brian on the other side of the family is a huge supporter of. You see, sun-grown coffee is cheaper and quicker to make, so companies like Maxwell House, Foldiers and Duncan Donunuts buy that. What is included in the cost of these coffees that they do not tell you is the fact that they tear down rainforest trees (which is where most coffee is grown) to get to the sun, and in return it is destroying the migratory bird population (something my Aunt Nonie is a fan of saving). You still with me? I believe that I am going to be a huge supporter of the NADF for all of these reasons (saves trees, rainforest, coffee farmers and birds), but I wanted to let all of you know about this coffee issue… if you drink coffee, try to buy shade-grown coffee… it’s natural (the other stuff uses more pesticides) and it is supposed to taste much better… BUT I do think it costs much more.

Website to buy shade grown coffee online (Caribou coffee is listed in here for those who have one nearby): You can also buy from the Arbor Day Foundation… Arbor Day Gourmet Coffee.

For more information, click on the “more” link below or go to the Culver site and search through May 2003’s articles for my Uncle Brian’s post at the bottom of the page.

From the Arbor Day Foundation website:
So what does coffee have to do with the Rainforest? Plenty. A vast majority of the coffee sold throughout the world is grown in the earth’s tropical regions. Most coffee is grown on plantations. A plantation, of course, needs a large, sunny, flat area. Rainforests must be stripped to make room for agribusiness.

Remarkably, shade coffee tastes better than sun-grown varieties. The sheltering forest produces nutrient-rich soil, protects the coffee plants from the harsh sun, and causes the coffee to mature more slowly and fully. As a result, shade coffee has a rich, complex flavor and a fine aroma.

Why don’t more companies produce coffee in harmony with the forest? You guessed it … profits.

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