Sending love over the seas

I have a friend who is in Kuwait and I’ve decided to send him a care package (sending tomorrow). I’ve been researching on the web to find out what is typically sent and what the soldiers need. I’ve found that there are plenty of adopt a soldier type programs out there. I wanted to make my friends day and send a thanks to him for defending our country. Is anyone else interested in sending a care package?? If so I can get some addresses from Joe, maybe some soldier who doesn’t get any packages… If you do want to do this, i’ll get a list from Joe and I can send you a list of some things that are sent to the Soldiers. I thought this is a great idea, a way to share some home to our guys over seas.


  1. beth said:

    Neil is over there too!! I didn’t know that. He’s a good guy. Sue, if you do send something, don’t send to Joe cause he’s already getting packages from mom, erin, and me.

    March 24, 2003
  2. Kim said:

    I did a box for Joe and included lots of goodies and supplies he can share with his troop.

    March 20, 2003
  3. Sue said:

    Kam came home yesterday with a list of 3 Clyde guys that are currently over there… Randy Rice (our neighbor),Neal Kinnetz(Arnitz)(who’s mom works at the school) and Joe Hutchinson. I will be sending our stuff to one of them through school.

    March 18, 2003
  4. Erin said:

    I’m working on stories like these for our company newsletter (which I head up). A lady who has a son over there sent me all kinds of stuff and I got the great joy of putting together an article about her son. I am very interested and was planning to something, even if it is just through my company. You can always contact the Red Cross as well. Here’s what I have for this:

    What not to mail:
    Illegal substances, alcoholic beverages, explosives (including fireworks), offensive or obscene material (photos and/or drawings which may have potential to offend members of opposite sex, another race, background, nationality/ethnicity, or religion . This includes Sports Illustrated), pork and pork byproducts (including slim jims and many packaged meat products), fruit and yeast.

    Highly desired items to mail to deployed troops:
    Baby or cleansing wipes (especially Lever 2000), toilet paper, facial tissue, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shaving cream and razors/razor blades, sunglasses, throat lozenges, gum/candy/mints, eye drops, moleskin, Blistex or other chapstick, vaseline, shampoo, deodorant, Q-tips, feminine hygiene products for females, laundry soap, hand sanitizer, waterless soap, liquid body wash, sunscreen, foot powder, travel size baby powder, shower to shower powder, Aspirin/Motrim/Tylenol and other pain relievers, saline spray/drops for nasal passages, disposable cameras, batteries (AA, AAA, C), newpaper clippings, non offensive magazines, comics from Sunday papers, frisbees, hacky sacks, decks of cards, handheld or travel games, envelopes, paper, pens, small pads of paper or notebooks (a size they can keep in a pocket), and one and two gallon Ziplock plastic bags.

    Food products to send:
    Hot cocoa mix, instant coffee, juice mix, powdered drink mix, beef jerky, small individual wrapped snacks, cookies (including homemade cookies), Poptarts, cereal bars, milk and cereal bars, granola bars, potato chips, individual wrapped hard candies and candy that won’t melt, tortilla chips and canned nacho cheese dip, and jalapeno velveeta and crackers

    Packaging tips:
    Keep in mind the troops need these items but have to carry them. Keep the packages small. If they can fit in a pocket, they are perfect. They can share with others so send multiple items.

    You cannot send things now to "Any serviceman." Things can only be sent directly to a troop at their address or through a contact at a military base.

    March 14, 2003
  5. Kay, Bob, Delaney and Buffett said:

    I would be interested, but don’t have the time to do the shopping. If someone wants to do my shopping for me, i’ll be happy to put up some money. I had a husband who was overseas and I know how much it meant to him to get packages. Let me know. We leave for Florida on Tuesday and will be back the following Wednesday, so if you don’t hear from me it’s because I don’t have access to a PC.

    March 14, 2003
  6. beth said:

    As a further note, most of the items that these soldiers need you can purchase in the dollar store, so for 10 dollars you could put together a decent package for someone.

    March 14, 2003

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