Sending love over the seas

I have a friend who is in Kuwait and I’ve decided to send him a care package (sending tomorrow). I’ve been researching on the web to find out what is typically sent and what the soldiers need. I’ve found that there are plenty of adopt a soldier type programs out there. I wanted to make my friends day and send a thanks to him for defending our country. Is anyone else interested in sending a care package?? If so I can get some addresses from Joe, maybe some soldier who doesn’t get any packages… If you do want to do this, i’ll get a list from Joe and I can send you a list of some things that are sent to the Soldiers. I thought this is a great idea, a way to share some home to our guys over seas. As a further note, most of the items that these soldiers need you can purchase in the dollar store, so for 10 dollars you could put together a decent package for someone.

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