Scrapbooking Party

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Kris, the {{popup IMG_7442.jpg IMG_7442 300×400}}girls, and {{popup IMG_7440a.jpg IMG_7440a 323×300}}I got together this past Saturday for an all-day scrapbooking party. We had so much fun! I got a little {{popup IMG_7441.jpg IMG_7441 300×400}}blue because I only finished two pages in the eight hours there (actually, I bent to get something and put my chin in blue paint), {{popup IMG_7447.jpg IMG_7447 400×300}}Matty whipped out her book in no time, and Kris and {{popup IMG_7449.jpg IMG_7449 400×300}}Dee took thir time crafting away! We used different scissors, punches, stamps, papers, pictures, die-cuts, etc. in our master pieces!

We also had lunch, cake, drinks, and plenty of good company. Mr co-workers, {{popup IMG_7435.jpg IMG_7435 300×400}}Avis and Renee, joined us and Avis brought two of her {{popup IMG_7439.jpg IMG_7439 400×300}}girlscouts. We all had fun!


  1. beth said:

    Looks like you ladies had a great time! Wish I could have been there! And mom, where are you commenting too… silly woman

    June 22, 2004
  2. Mommers said:

    I would have beaned someone in the cowd, but what a great thing for you to learn to golf! Keep going if you are able. Practice is the key to golf I think… (I dunno…ask Kenny or Poppy or Uncle Kev!)

    June 21, 2004
  3. La said:

    Looks like everyone had a great time- I did a scrapbook for dad’s 60th (took me a year). Alot of fun but takes a lot of time, money and patience! Just being together must have been great- I wanna play too!

    June 21, 2004

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