School Budget issues…

The Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon decreased school revenue by $87 million. As a result of eroding tax bases- schools in the Kansas City area (Kansas and Missouri) are seeing MAJOR cuts. Kansas is worse than Missouri (they are broke!)

  • Shawnee Mission- $9-11 million in cuts
  • Blue Valley- $6 million
  • Kansas City Kansas- $15 million
  • Olathe- $19 million

Over in Missouri we have seen:

  • North Kansas City- $9.3 million (8 social work jobs cut)
  • Liberty-$4 million- (counselors and middle school social workers)
  • Raytown- $4 million

The most recent was the closing of 28 of 61 schools in the Kansas City Missouri school district with 700 positions cut. The district needed to cut $ 50 million to prevent bankruptcy.

All these cuts are for the 2010-2011 school year. Park Hill is facing $500,000 this year but we were told that during the 2011-2012 school year we would face the same situation other districts are facing today. Yes, they cut non- teaching positions (me) but we will wait and see. Good luck leaving no child behind with this siution on the horizon. Where is the bail out for our kids? Oh…I know, after sixteen months after Freddie and Fanny were seized to prevent their collapse, the companies remain wards of the state, running a tab that has now exceeded $125 billion in what has become the single costliest component of the federal bailout for the financial system. We are going to hell in a hand basket!

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